Monthly Archives: July 2015

Three Secrets of Home Selling Success

It’s not always simple to sell your home quickly and for a price that would offer a strong return on your initial investment. But there are techniques that the leading agents harness to ensure their clients reach their sales goals. Our team has great experience in this area and within this latest post, we’ll take … Read More

How to Find Up-And-Coming Neighbourhoods in Your Region

It’s the goal of all homebuyers; certainly those looking at their property as an investment. Trying to find up and coming neighbourhoods in which to buy property can be a challenging process for those that have little real estate market experience. Often the process of a neighbourhood becoming popular happens organically and over a long-period … Read More

How to Consolidate Your Moving Costs This Summer

Cut Expenses

With Canadians across the country now analyzing their moving budgets, many are finding that it is more costly than they first thought to complete their move to a new home. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques homebuyers can use to reduce their expenditure during the moving process. And within this post, we’ll highlight several … Read More

5 Signs of Home Foundation Issues

Grunge concrete cement wall with crack in industrial building

By identifying the signs of a home structure issue as quickly and decisively as possible, homeowners can help mitigate the damage the problem might cause within the home. Few areas of the home property are as integral to structural performance as the property’s foundation and so within this post, we’ll explain five signs of home … Read More

How to Sell Your Home to the First-Time Buyer

sold house

With millions of first-time homebuyers entering the marketplace in recent months, it’s now the time for homeowners about to place their home on the market to consider how to sell to this growing segment of the population. First-time buyers tend to be more cautious than those with past experience as a homebuyer and so within … Read More