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Three Factors to Consider Before Selecting Your Real Estate Agent

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

A great real estate agent can you guide you through the process of buying or selling a home, knows the ins and outs of the real estate system, and most importantly can help you understand what you really value in a new home.  They are advocate, marketer, advisor, and sounding board all in one.  That’s … Read More

What Online Pictures Reveal to Buyers about a Potential Property

Pictures of Home

Looking for a potential property is easier now than ever.  The internet puts hundreds, if not thousands, of available homes in your area at your fingertips.  All of those listings come with the usual litany of features but the big improvement over old real estate advertising is the sheer amount of pictures now available.  You … Read More

5 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Specialist

Mortgage Advice

Getting a mortgage can be a harrowing experience, especially for first-timers.  While many will go with a bank over 50% of homebuyers choose instead to deal with a mortgage broker.  For the purposes of this particular article we’ll use the word specialist to mean either a broker or the bank’s representative for your mortgage business.  … Read More

The Three Errors Homeowners Make When Renovating their Home before a Sale

Home Revnovations Before Sell

When selling a home most owners want to do what they can to maximize the profit.  For homes with outdated or worn design elements renovation can prove a cost-effective way of increasing value before selling.  The right renovations can add thousands above the cost of their installation but there are three major errors that need … Read More