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Getting an Agent vs. Going it Alone

Discussion with a real estate agent

We live in world where technology has made everything easier. Repairs or renovations you might not have ever considered can now be worked through via YouTube videos and step-by-step instructions. Regular people are doing things only experts did not so long ago so why not take the reins in real estate as well? Why pay … Read More

How Much DIY Is Too Much?

Hands holding piggy bank, planning for home remodel /   saving c

When you’re preparing to sell your home there’s a temptation to spruce it up to make it more appealing to potential buyers. For the most part this is a good thing. A thorough cleaning and a few choice aesthetic changes can make a big difference. However, you may also be considering putting in some bigger … Read More

Assessing Efficiency when Buying a Home


One of the major concerns of homeowners, especially first-time homeowners, is the monthly costs associated with the home that go beyond just the mortgage payment. Taxes, monthly fees, and essential utilities can weigh on the mind of potential buyers. One of the best ways to make sure you don’t have unduly high utility costs is … Read More

How to Know When It’s Time to Sell

Price variation on real estate market

Selling your home is a decision that can be imposed upon you by circumstances. A new job in a different location, a necessary move to somewhere close to family, or financial considerations forcing a change of venue can all be reasons to sell off and move on. For most of us however it’s a decision … Read More