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House Buying Red Flags

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Buying a house is in many ways plunging into the unknown. It can be very exciting but there are serious ramifications if things go wrong. While we all hope for only surprises of the pleasant variety there can be nasty ones too if we’re not careful. Thankfully most major issues can be spotted with a … Read More

Tips for Getting a Bigger Down Payment

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When it comes to home financing there’s more than the amount you may qualify for. Other considerations need to be taken into account and one of the biggest is the down payment. The down payment is crucial for two reasons: The first is that any purchase with more than 20% down payment, no longer requires … Read More

Maximizing Your Home’s Value before Selling

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You’ve put a lot of years, money, and work into your house and now it’s time to pull up stakes and move on but selling a home can be nerve-wracking even in a seller’s market like we have now. The big worry is less ‘will it sell?’ and more ‘can I get what my home’s … Read More

How to Research Neighbourhoods

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While there are some who like staying nestled in the same area for most of their lives most people will eventually have to get out of their comfort zone. Sometimes that means moving to larger or more luxurious housing, or moving into the city, or finally buying that big plot out in the country. When … Read More

Winter House Buying Tips


As the temperature gets colder and we get busy with the holiday season it’s easy to put off looking for a home until it’s warmer out and there’ll be more people selling. Don’t make that mistake – winter is a great time to buy a home. While it’s true the inventory is lighter than it … Read More