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Real Estate Resolutions for 2016

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New Year’s resolutions exist because we want a better life and we know the only way that will materialize is if we make it happen ourselves. When it comes to a better home the same holds true – you need to make a commitment to go after what you want. Different people have different ideas … Read More

The Importance of Finding an Agent Early

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So you’ve made the decision to sell or buy a home (or both!) in the next year and that’s going to require a lot of preparation. You’re going to want to make improvements, take pictures, try to get a good snapshot of the market, scout potential neighbourhoods, and then hire a real estate agent to … Read More

Real Estate Tips for Empty Nesters


Children moving out can be a jarring experience for parents. Their once full and lively home now seems suddenly empty. For many it creates an understandable and practical impulse to downsize into something more appropriate – and less expensive. This is a great idea as there’s really no point in keeping a large house, with … Read More

Staging for the Holiday Season


The holiday season, despite being in one of real estate’s slower months, is actually a great time to sell your home. People often have time off they don’t normally have and savvy buyers know there are still great places out there worth looking for. An especially important reason is that children are also out of … Read More

Must-haves for Homebuyers with Young Families


As we progress in life our needs and wants for where we live change with us. As a younger person a busy area with a lot of culture might be more important to us where an empty nester is looking to have easy access to amenities and hobbies they enjoy. For those with young families, … Read More