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Moving Up: Tips for Buying Bigger


There will always be something luxurious about living in a big house. Spacious lawns, massive rooms and stylish amenities will always be a dream for everyone – at one point or another. It’s not easy to own one in a short matter of time, so you’ve worked hard for years’ on end just to have … Read More

Enjoying Your New Neighbourhood: A Guide

Suburban homes

Any life changes are tough – moving is one of them. Moving to a new home is difficult, but moving to a completely new city or neighbourhood is a different story on its own. You not only have to get familiarized with the surroundings, but you also have to know the community you will be … Read More

How an Agent Can Help You Sell


Some people nowadays are choosing to sell their houses and properties on their own – without the help of real estate agents. It is true that selling your house on your own saves you commission rates that many agents demand. However, flying solo might not be something you can handle and you could end up … Read More

Helping Kids Accept a Move

Moving 01

Moving is not easy for adults and believe it or not, it is more stressful for the young ones. However, moves are inevitable one way or another. Kids, with their innocent minds, might not understand why there is a need to move. They need some time and extra special attention during the whole process. Include … Read More

Practical Considerations for Downsizing


Is downsizing your home one of your resolutions for this year? If you have been looking for a grand lifestyle change, then maybe now’s the right time to make one. Downsizing not only puts you in a favourable financial position, but it also lets you enjoy the simple life. What other factors should be considered … Read More