Monthly Archives: November 2016

Why an Investment Property is Perfect for You

Rental Real Estate Sign in Front of house

What do you think about buying a home to rent out? Having more than one home is an aspiration of most Canadians. But because of constantly changing prices, more and more people are looking for other ways to make their way up the property ladder. After looking at multiple houses for sale and scouring through … Read More

What Millennials Teach You About Real Estate

happy young couple with a real estate agent getting keys in front of their new house

A lot of professionals view millennials as an irresponsible and tech-dependent generation. Some argue that it is because of the kind of parenting they have received. Some say it is because of the technological innovations that are made readily available to them. Whatever the real reason is, millennials have also proven their relevance in various … Read More

How Important is Choosing the Right Neighbourhood?

A row of newly-built houses in a residential subdivision.

Are you planning to buy a house? If so, then there are definitely a lot of things to consider, and choosing the right neighbourhood is at the top of your list. How important is it to find the neighbourhood that meets your requirements? It is important for various reasons.   Do you have children or … Read More