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The Importance of Eliminating Odours from Your Home

Cheerful smiling blonde maid cleaning in domestic kitchen with sprayer

Our sense of smell works in a funny way. Specific scents can be deeply associated with things or experiences and can easily pull up images and memories. That is why if you are trying to put up your property on the market, you better make sure it’s a nice-smelling home, too. Prospective buyers don’t just … Read More

5 DIY Projects to Yield a High Return

It is time to start this renovation

So you live in a home that you really love. But your family is growing and you are not so sure that your crib is keeping up. You are not the only one torn between keeping your present house and moving on to one that fits your family or your lifestyle better.  While you are … Read More

Give Your Aging Home a Fresh Look with the Right Exterior Paint Colour

hand with a paint brush painting wooden wall in green

Choosing the colours for your home’s exterior can be a little challenging. It’s not like you can easily repaint it if you don’t like the result. It is a major project which can be costly, too. What you can do to avoid the extra cost and the hassle is to make sure you do your … Read More