5 Things a Buyer Can Do to Ace an Open House

rear view of young couple looking at their new house

Even with all those house-hunting tools and apps at your disposal, you still cannot discount the importance of traditional ways like going to open houses. This is especially important in hot markets. When there are just a few properties for sale in a specific area and the demand is high, you can expect that even during weekday mornings, an open house can still get packed.

If you want to stand out from all the other buyers, read on as we have some tips that can help you get the most from an open house.

Be an Early Bird

Arriving before everyone else is a good way to show that you are really serious about the house. This is a good opportunity for you to check out the house without feeling rushed and definitely without a crowd around you. You can also take this time to establish rapport with the agent handling the house and make a good impression. Of course, your agent will be there with you as well to make sure that you are getting all the important information that you need about the house.

Be Friendly with the Seller’s Agent

Like we have mentioned above, it is important that you build rapport with the seller’s agent. Everyone in the industry will tell you, the real estate business is all about relationships. And creating a sincere rapport with the agent can help give you an edge in getting the home. You can also learn a lot about the sellers, like when their ideal closing date is and what kind of buyer are they really looking for. This way, you can also know if you’re the right fit for both the house and the sellers.

Keep Your Excitement to Yourself

While you want to appear sincerely interested and friendly, you also would like to keep your excitement to a minimum. It’s best to save the celebrating for when you really get your offer accepted. You should, instead, pay attention to what is going on around you and what other people are doing. Are they checking all the details keenly? Are they talking to the agent seriously?

Step Out and Explore the Neighbourhood

You have to remember that you are not just purchasing a home – you’re moving to a new neighbourhood as well – you should take time to check out the surroundings, too. You should visit the area during rush hour so have some idea on how the commute really is. During your evening drive, see if there are any open restaurants or stores that you can quickly walk to after work. If you are not that comfortable or excited about the neighbourhood, you might want to start looking at other properties.

See, an open house is a great opportunity for you to see a property that you’re interested in. Of course, it’s always a good idea to ask your agent to schedule a private home tour so you can really have a look at the house without any distractions.

Tammy Samuels can help you with your house-hunting and guide you through all the open houses you need to go to. Call today and take a step closer to finding your dream home!