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Are You Prepared for a Home Inspection?

Person Hand With Magnifying Glass Over Luxury House

Are you thinking of selling your home? If you are, it would be wise to prepare for a home inspection in advance. Doing so will help you avoid problems in the future. When it comes to selling properties, surprises are almost always a bad thing. The last thing you want, after all, is for a … Read More

Ways to Know a Neighbourhood is Safe Before You Buy

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Buying a home is among the biggest investments you can ever make. That is why it is truly important for you to choose not only the best property but also the best neighbourhood for you – after all, you are going to spend years if not the rest of your life living in that area. … Read More

Important Highlights of a House Hunt

Realtor Showing Young Family Around Property For Sale

Every important event in your life has its own highlights – those vital stages that can either get you to your goal if done right or take you a step back if you do it all wrong. What does that have to do with house hunting, you might ask. Well, it has everything to do … Read More

Four Things to Hide before You Show Your Home

Person Hand With Magnifying Glass Over Luxury House

When you’re buying a house, you would hear your agent tell you that it’s all about location, location, location. So that’s what you focus on first. You choose a property in a nice neighbourhood and hope that when you visit the house, it’s going to be just what you’re looking for. Although the location set … Read More

Fire Safety Tips for Your New Home

Overloaded electrical circuit causing fuse to break

Every single year thousands of people die and get injured from home fires. It seems like the abundance of synthetic materials found in homes, including the furniture, carpet, and more play a role in spreading fire faster. Although the idea of fire is scary, you should know that it can actually be prevented when you … Read More

Why You Should Focus on Curb Appeal

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For most sellers, improving the interior of their house is really important, knowing how every nook and cranny of their property goes through the microscopic eyes of prospective buyers. Surprisingly however, they tend to overlook one big factor that may be the deal breaker – their home’s exterior.   Ask any buyer and he or … Read More

Spring Cleaning: Keep Your House Spick and Span

Modern living room, with a vacuum cleaner to tidy up

With spring in full swing, you can say goodbye to the mess that has accumulated in your home all winter long. Spring-cleaning is the best way to welcome the changing of the season with a completely fresh start. After a good hard day (or two)’s work, the real challenge is keeping it spick and span … Read More

House Buying Red Flags

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Buying a house is in many ways plunging into the unknown. It can be very exciting but there are serious ramifications if things go wrong. While we all hope for only surprises of the pleasant variety there can be nasty ones too if we’re not careful. Thankfully most major issues can be spotted with a … Read More

An Insider’s Guide to the Home Inspection Process

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent gives advice to homeowners on how to stage effectively stage a home for sale.

Before selling a property, sellers are often required to go through a home inspection with a specialist. The home inspection process involves a thorough review of the home’s equipment, to ensure each item is working to optimal capacity for the new buyers. To help sellers streamline their home inspections, this blog will provide a guide … Read More