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Have Happy Tenants! – Tips for Landlords Old and New

Have Happy Tenants! - Tips for Landlords Old and New

Whether you have been a landlord for ten years now, you have recently purchased a property that you’re planning to rent out, or you’re still considering buying an investment property, there’s one thing that you’re surely thinking of – how can you find good tenants, and more importantly, how do you keep them? There are … Read More

How to Know You’re Ready to Buy Your Second Property

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Many investors own only one property. There may be quite a few reasons for this but one of those may be the likelihood that a lot of people miss the signs that tell them it’s time to buy a second investment property and grow their wealth. Having two investment properties means you also have twice … Read More

Facing Retirement? Consider an Income Property

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If you are nearing your retirement and you feel like you don’t have enough funds yet, you should consider an income property. It is possible that you’ll find an amazing bargain with a high return on investment. And should you decide to manage the property yourself, you can also expect more income. Being able to … Read More

How to Select a Great Rental Property

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Have you always dreamed of becoming a landlord? At one point or another, most of us have probably thought how great it would be to be able to purchase a really nice piece of property, find the best tenants and just relax and collect regular rent well into your retirement.   That, indeed, is a … Read More

Three Questions all Investors Must Ask When Assessing a Property

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent highlights three Questions all Investors Must Ask When Assessing a Property

The decision to invest in real estate must only be made with all the available data at-hand. Many investors make the mistake of purchasing a new property with the intent to rent out the home, without a full understanding of what the investment entails and what their responsibilities are as a landlord. Within this article, … Read More

What to Consider When Buying Your First Investment Property


Entering into the Canadian real estate marketplace is a process that must be undertaken with a full and comprehensive understanding of the various elements involved. This is especially true for those who are buying investment property to help boost their income. Here, we’ll outline several of the factors to consider when buying investment properties.   … Read More