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Facing Retirement? Consider an Income Property

Beige siding house exterior with covered porch and trimmed bushes in front. View of soft blue staircase with narrow walkway.

If you are nearing your retirement and you feel like you don’t have enough funds yet, you should consider an income property. It is possible that you’ll find an amazing bargain with a high return on investment. And should you decide to manage the property yourself, you can also expect more income. Being able to … Read More

Four Things to Hide before You Show Your Home

Person Hand With Magnifying Glass Over Luxury House

When you’re buying a house, you would hear your agent tell you that it’s all about location, location, location. So that’s what you focus on first. You choose a property in a nice neighbourhood and hope that when you visit the house, it’s going to be just what you’re looking for. Although the location set … Read More

What to Do Before Your Open House

woman doing housekeeping

An open house can be exciting. It is a perfect opportunity for potential buyers to see your home without asking to be scheduled for a showing. It is also a great opportunity for you to have people come to your open house (whether they are looking to buy or just looking) as you can almost … Read More

How to Select a Great Rental Property

Rental Real Estate Sign in Front of house

Have you always dreamed of becoming a landlord? At one point or another, most of us have probably thought how great it would be to be able to purchase a really nice piece of property, find the best tenants and just relax and collect regular rent well into your retirement.   That, indeed, is a … Read More

Find a Reliable Contractor for Renovations

Couple Look At Home Plans

For a lot of homeowners, the most challenging part of a home improvement project is not the work itself. It’s not even the budget. It is actually the process of finding a reliable and highly competent contractor that proves to be the hardest. Naturally what you are looking for is someone who can deliver high … Read More

Is Landscaping a Good Investment?

Beautiful home exterior on sunny afternoon, with green grass, walkway, elegant landscaping, covered patio with barbecue, and balcony

Similar to how you try to be in your best form and behaviour to make a good first impression, your home should also be prepped to impress potential buyers. And one way to achieve a good first impression for your home is by making sure you have a remarkable landscape design.   Did you know … Read More

What Millennials Teach You About Real Estate

happy young couple with a real estate agent getting keys in front of their new house

A lot of professionals view millennials as an irresponsible and tech-dependent generation. Some argue that it is because of the kind of parenting they have received. Some say it is because of the technological innovations that are made readily available to them. Whatever the real reason is, millennials have also proven their relevance in various … Read More

Feng Shui Decorating – Should You Do It?

Modern feng shui interior

Feng Shui decorating is not just a simple way of making a home more beautiful. Yes, it is true that beauty is a big part of feng shui. But more importantly, being able to create a space that can nourish your mind, body, and spirit is the main goal. It is to achieve a space … Read More

10 Things to Do Upon Moving In

Young Couple Moving In To New Home Together

After the exhausting journey you took to find your dream home (and land it) it is not surprising that after the big move, all you want to do is to lie in bed for days. Sorry to kill your buzz, but you cannot do that just yet. First, you have to make sure all bases … Read More

What to Look for in a Potential Tenant

Hispanic Couple Viewing Potential New Home

Finding a good tenant is not so easy. It is not that you cannot find tenants every day. The concern is whether those tenants would be good for you and your property. But how does one know?   There are some characteristics that you could look for if you want to find tenants who would … Read More