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Buying a House? Don’t Overlook These Issues!

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House-hunting is a very exciting time. But sometimes buyers get a little too excited that when they see a home they like, they immediately think it’s their ultimate dream home. So they go ahead and hastily make the purchase. Everything is perfect… until it isn’t anymore. Why? It’s because they realize that they have overlooked … Read More

Why an Investment Property is Perfect for You

Rental Real Estate Sign in Front of house

What do you think about buying a home to rent out? Having more than one home is an aspiration of most Canadians. But because of constantly changing prices, more and more people are looking for other ways to make their way up the property ladder. After looking at multiple houses for sale and scouring through … Read More

What Online Pictures Reveal to Buyers about a Potential Property

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Looking for a potential property is easier now than ever.  The internet puts hundreds, if not thousands, of available homes in your area at your fingertips.  All of those listings come with the usual litany of features but the big improvement over old real estate advertising is the sheer amount of pictures now available.  You … Read More

3 Tips for Winning a Property Bidding War

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent provides 3 expert tips for winning a property bidding war.

Your perfect home might also be someone else’s ideal property. In this situation, two parties might find themselves bidding against one another to achieve the seller’s approval. It’s important that, during this process, you remain calm and focused on both your budget and your future requirements. Winning a bidding war requires an understanding of the … Read More