Commute Time – An Important Factor to Consider When You Buy a House

Commute Time - An Important Factor to Consider When You Buy a House

If you have ever been stuck in traffic, you understand how important commute time really is. Millions of Canadians drive an hour or more to work every single day. Now commuting may not be the first thing on your mind when you’re looking for a new house, but you should not forget about it either.

While there are those who will not give up on a big backyard and the nice amenities of a suburban neighbourhood, many home buyers are now considering swapping bigger houses which mean longer commutes for more modest homes that are significantly closer. Whether you want to look for a quieter neighbourhood quite a distance from your work or you intend to land an apartment that’s really close to the office, you should always take note of how commute time is a big piece of the puzzle that is house-hunting.

Evaluate Your Commute Before You Purchase a New House

There are many apps that can help you calculate the distance between the house that you’re interested in and your workplace. Do the same for schools if you have kids. You can do a dry run – drive once in the morning and once in the evening. See how it is when you need to take public transportation, too. Try to imagine yourself doing this every day and ask yourself if you can manage that kind of commute. If so, then you can go for it. However, if you find that you’re tired by the time you got to the office and it’s too time-consuming for you, it’s wiser to look for a property closer to work.

Assess Your Work-Life Balance

Changing the way you commute can have a big impact on your lifestyle, so make sure that you go through all the pros and cons. Think of how it would be like when you’re on the road. Would you feel like the extra bedroom and roomier garage are still worth spending that much time traveling? Consider how the additional drive time will affect your family time, too. You might want to ask your employer about the possibility of changing your schedule to get commute time outside of the common high-traffic hours.

Where are You Right Now in Your Life?

Are you single, starting a family, or downsizing? Sometimes commuting is not that much of a deal breaker because you prioritize other more important factors. For instance, if you have children, then you’d definitely prefer a more comfortable home in a peaceful and nice neighbourhood, no matter how far that house is from your work.

These important points may not cut your commute time in half, but they will definitely help you focus on the impact of commuting and how you should consider it greatly when you’re looking at houses.

So what do you think – would you go for a smaller house if it means you’ll have a shorter commute? Talk to Tammy Samuels as soon as you can. We can help you find a property that meets your requirements perfectly!