Cook Up Multiple Offers with These Ingredients

Cook Up Multiple Offers with These Ingredients

Selling your home is not as simple as snapping your fingers. It is more like cooking – it requires a lot of planning, researching, preparing, and yes, the right plating. You have to cover each step if you want prospective buyers to find what you offer delectable.

You see, preparing a home for sale is not that different from hosting a party. If you prepare well for it, you can expect that dozens of guests arrive at your doorstep.

Here are some great ways to draw the attention (and possible serious offers) from multiple buyers:

Find the Best Real Estate Agent for You

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to find an agent who’s not just the best in the industry but more importantly, one who you believe is the perfect fit for you. Just like how you need to find a great assistant or sous-chef who will listen to what you want while at the same time capable of working on his or her own. You want a partner who has all the right tools, with more than sufficient experience, and aggressive enough to make sure the job is done.

Prepare Like a Pro

Preparing a dish in an organized and clean kitchen helps ensure that there would be no cooking mishaps. It’s not that different when you’re selling a home. You do your part and make sure that the house looks clean, fresh, and sanitary. Remember that nothing sends buyers running away faster than a home that’s dirty or cluttered.

Give Them a Taste of It

It’s not enough to tell your prospective buyers that your property includes a spacious yard where it would be nice to host parties. Step it up a notch by actually throwing a “cocktail party” in that very space so the interested buyers would have an actual taste of how it is to be living in that home.

Set the Main Course

Okay, so it’s not really a dinner party that you’re preparing for but an open house, right? That doesn’t mean you don’t have to play the part of the gracious host or hostess. Your agent will be glad to work with you in ensuring that everybody feels welcome during your open house. And like you would send thank you cards after a great event, you would want to follow up with all interested buyers – thank them for their interest and provide them with all the information they need so they can write their best offer.

Now, only one buyer would eventually hand you an offer that you can’t resist. Does that mean those whose offers fell short would have to be neglected? Not at all! Your agent will ensure that no matter what the outcome is, those who have shown interest in your listing would leave feeling good about the whole experience.

In every stage of your home selling journey, you need a dependable agent who will do everything to make sure everything goes well. Tammy Samuels has been the agent of choice of countless sellers and buyers. Give her a call so you can discuss what you need, perhaps over a great meal.