Entryway Gems that Really Welcome People to Your Home

Corridor of elegant house with luxurious design

When people walk through your front door, the first thing they see is your foyer. It is in that small space that your prospective buyers will formulate their first impression of your home. It is not so different from a handshake when you first meet someone – a firm grip will immediately catch the person’s attention while a weak handshake gives a somewhat negative impression.

If the entryway is so important in making an impression, how can you make it inviting? Here are some gems that you can add to your space to make it stand out:

A Beautiful Mirror

Adding a mirror in your foyer gives the space a much-needed depth. You probably already know how a mirror gives a room the illusion of being bigger than it really is. It’s also a good idea because everyone just needs one last check on how they look before leaving the house.

Fresh Blooms

Can anything add more charm to an otherwise dull room than a vase of fresh flowers? Adding such a lovely element from outdoors gives your entryway a touch of natural beauty. If a bunch of flowers in a vase is too much for you, you can go for a minimalist and delicate approach with an orchid on a small pot.

Soft Lighting

A lamp is considered another necessity for foyers. You want to make sure that your entryway is always bright enough to make guests and prospective buyers feel welcome. Remember that a dark space brings about a very gloomy feeling, and that’s not the mood you want to elicit when you are trying to sell your house.

A scone lamp would be ideal, especially if its brightness can be adjusted. However, if you already have a hanging light installed, just make sure that the tips of your fixture is at least 18 inches higher than people’s heads so as not to give a claustrophobic feeling.

An Ornate Wall Hook for Keys

One sign that a home is a well-kept one is if there’s a hook for the keys in the foyer. It gives guests the idea that in this home, there is a place for everything. For some reason, adding this small element also helps entice prospective buyers into imagining how nice and easy it would be to have their own keys hanging in that ornate hook! You can find key hooks in different styles, ranging from classic antiques to modern and quirky designs!

You see, your entryway doesn’t always have to be grand. What is important is that you make it truly welcoming.

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