Moving Soon? Here’s How You Can Pack Your Moving Truck Like a Pro

Close up of a happy couple moving home packing boxes and sealing with tape sitting on the floor

The time has finally come! You have bought your dream home and in a few days, you’ll be able to move in. No one can be more excited than you! Before you get carried away with the excitement though, let us ask you a simple yet important question: Do you know how to pack a moving truck?

It may seem pretty easy, but it’s actually more than just throwing all your belongings into a truck and hauling them. If you want all your stuff to be safe, make sure you follow these step by step packing tips:

Step #1: Stack all your boxes against the back wall. They are probably sturdier and smaller than all the other items you have. Secure them in the back and make sure they won’t slide during the move.

Step#2: Securely strap items using motorcycle straps as you load them. Doing so will save you the trouble of having to go back and do it all at the very end

Step#3: Mattresses and box springs should go against the sidewall. If not loaded properly, these items really take up space. They should be placed against the sidewall and secured with motorcycle straps so they stay upright.

Step #4: Protect framed artwork and mirrors by placing them between your upright mattresses. You don’t want your prized paintings to go bouncing around while on the road. Keeping them between your mattresses is the best way to safely move them.

Step #5: Use moving blankets or old ones to wrap your furniture. If you don’t want your furniture to get dents and dings when you move them to your new home, you should protect them using moving blankets. If you have old ones that you can spare, those can work, too.

Step #6: Load your appliances last. Why should they go last, you ask? It’s because you’ll definitely want to hook up your appliances when you get to your new home. So you should be able to unload them first. For instance, your refrigerator would need a few hours until you can use it, so the sooner you can have it plugged, the sooner you’ll be able to store food in there, too.

Step #7: Pack a sack or bag of your first-day essentials. Trust us, it’s going to be a challenge trying to locate all your things until they’re all unpacked and organized in your new home. To avoid this frustration, pack all the essential items you’d be needing on the first day or even the first week of your move. This pack should include clean clothes, toiletries, your first aid kit, and more.

Step #8: Use pillows to fill the remaining space. This is both fun and functional. Filing space with pillows ensures that everything is tightly packed and there will be fewer chances of your stuff getting dislodged.

By following these simple steps you can be sure that your things are safely transported to your new home. Good luck with your move!

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