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Can You Really Afford That House? Find Out Here

estate agent giving house keys to man and sign agreement in office

So you’re planning to buy a house. You have already made a list of your top “neighbourhoods” and have a clear idea of what style and size of house will suit you best. It’s all so exciting, right? Before you get too carried away, though, it’s a good idea that you take some time to … Read More

To Sell or to Stay: What to Look for When Making the Decision

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent outlines what to look for when considering the sale of your home.

It’s a question that many homeowners will ask themselves at some point in their ownership: should we sell the home now or stay and hope the property continues to gain in value? There’s not one answer for all homeowners. But there are specific factors to consider when making the decision. In this blog, we’ll outline … Read More

Alternative Home Loan Options

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent reviews several alternative home loan options.

The current low interest rate environment is making home-buying more affordable for those with limited capital to purchase property outright. But many Canadians are finding it difficult to qualify for a mortgage, either due to a low credit rating or another contributing factor. And so within this blog, we’ll review several alternative home loan options. … Read More