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Home Renovation Projects that Will Definitely Pay You Back

Engineering and plan concept

A remodeling project can be very exciting for a homeowner. It’s so easy to get carried away, especially when purchasing fixtures and furniture items that will complete their projects. Remodels can be quite costly, though. When choosing the renovation project to take on, make sure that you go for one that will deliver the biggest … Read More

Find a Reliable Contractor for Renovations

Couple Look At Home Plans

For a lot of homeowners, the most challenging part of a home improvement project is not the work itself. It’s not even the budget. It is actually the process of finding a reliable and highly competent contractor that proves to be the hardest. Naturally what you are looking for is someone who can deliver high … Read More

Feng Shui Decorating – Should You Do It?

Modern feng shui interior

Feng Shui decorating is not just a simple way of making a home more beautiful. Yes, it is true that beauty is a big part of feng shui. But more importantly, being able to create a space that can nourish your mind, body, and spirit is the main goal. It is to achieve a space … Read More

How to Add Value to Your Home with an Office Space

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent provides an outline of the office space addition process for homeowners looking to boost house value.

With an ever-growing segment of the Canadian population working from home due to the growth of telecommuting opportunities, home offices are becoming one of the most popular home additions. Now, homeowners can add true lasting value to their property through the addition of an office space. Within this blog, we’ll provide an outline of the … Read More