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Four Things to Hide before You Show Your Home

Person Hand With Magnifying Glass Over Luxury House

When you’re buying a house, you would hear your agent tell you that it’s all about location, location, location. So that’s what you focus on first. You choose a property in a nice neighbourhood and hope that when you visit the house, it’s going to be just what you’re looking for. Although the location set … Read More

Entryway Gems that Really Welcome People to Your Home

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When people walk through your front door, the first thing they see is your foyer. It is in that small space that your prospective buyers will formulate their first impression of your home. It is not so different from a handshake when you first meet someone – a firm grip will immediately catch the person’s … Read More

Cleaning Tricks to Have Your Home Show-Ready

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Once you have decided to sell your home, you should prepare yourself for the idea that there will be people constantly popping in without prior notice. And unlike having a friend over, who you can simply entertain in the living room (the only clean area in the house), having prospective buyers means your entire home … Read More

What to Do Before Your Open House

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An open house can be exciting. It is a perfect opportunity for potential buyers to see your home without asking to be scheduled for a showing. It is also a great opportunity for you to have people come to your open house (whether they are looking to buy or just looking) as you can almost … Read More

Visual Tricks You Can Try for Staging

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In the real estate universe we live in right now, it is said that most of the time, buyers make up their minds about purchasing a home within a minute of stepping inside the property. That’s why it’s not surprising at all that sellers are constantly looking for professional home stagers who can help them … Read More

House Remodeling Dos and Donts

Couple Doing Home Remodeling

Remodeling a home is just as difficult as maintaining it, or even as building from scratch. There are many things to consider, risks to take and consequences to face. Here are some remodeling dos and donts to help you out:   DOs: Prepare yourself. Before actually starting the remodeling project, understand that a lot of … Read More

5 Benefits of Professional Home Staging

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent highlights five popular home furnishing styles.

One of the important questions homeowners must ask when in the process of selling their home is “Should we choose a professional home stager?” Home staging has proven highly effective in helping sellers engage buyers. In this blog, we’ll highlight five of the leading advantages sellers can gain when utilizing expert staging for their property. … Read More

The Top 10 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Attracting Interest

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent gives advice on the top 10 reasons that homes aren’t attracting marketplace interest.

You’ve spent months trying to sell your property. But the offers still aren’t arriving, despite everything you’ve tried in order to sell your home. It might not be your fault that the property remains on the marketplace. We’ve got great experience in selling homes and in our years serving clientele we’ve found the following are … Read More

3 Home Staging Ideas that Captivate Buyers

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent focuses on three home staging ideas that are designed to captivate buyers and ensure strong interest a home.

It’s the day on which you welcome prospective buyers to view your property. What is the take-home message you want to send? Home staging can help communicate to buyers in a way that the words of the seller cannot. And so it’s imperative that the staging process is completed effectively. Here, we’ll focus on three … Read More

The 5 Keys to Effective Home Staging for a Swift, Profitable Sale

In Tammy Samuels recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent gives advice to homeowners on how to stage effectively stage a home for sale.

The process of staging a property is crucial to assuring a profitable sale. But the average seller doesn’t know how to effectively stage their home to appeal to new buyers. There are several simple staging techniques that help streamline the sales process. And in this blog, we’ll outline 5 of these important home staging tips … Read More