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Great Mortgage Loan Tips for You

Mortgage loan agreement application with key on house shaped keyring

As you start your journey in finding the best mortgage rates you can find, you will surely encounter companies that would try to lure you in with the promise of the lowest rates on the market. Before you get swayed, you should understand that mortgage rates differ on various points that make it difficult to … Read More

5 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Specialist

Mortgage Advice

Getting a mortgage can be a harrowing experience, especially for first-timers.  While many will go with a bank over 50% of homebuyers choose instead to deal with a mortgage broker.  For the purposes of this particular article we’ll use the word specialist to mean either a broker or the bank’s representative for your mortgage business.  … Read More

A Guide to Your Mortgage Options

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent provides a guide to your mortgage options

Choosing a mortgage is a critical element of the home buying process, and yet many Canadians still don’t have a complete understanding on what they need to know to make the ideal choice. There are many factors involved in the mortgage selection process, and the market is still evolving to present buyers with an increasing … Read More

Alternative Home Loan Options

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent reviews several alternative home loan options.

The current low interest rate environment is making home-buying more affordable for those with limited capital to purchase property outright. But many Canadians are finding it difficult to qualify for a mortgage, either due to a low credit rating or another contributing factor. And so within this blog, we’ll review several alternative home loan options. … Read More