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How Important is Choosing the Right Neighbourhood?

Custom built luxury house in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada.

When purchasing a property these days, there are considerations to be made aside from the structural and aesthetic qualities of the home. The location and the lifestyle that area offers are just as important. Convenience and security should be prioritized. If you want to be really happy in your new home, make sure that you … Read More

Ways to Know a Neighbourhood is Safe Before You Buy

Brother and sister riding bikes together on street. Horizontally framed shot.

Buying a home is among the biggest investments you can ever make. That is why it is truly important for you to choose not only the best property but also the best neighbourhood for you – after all, you are going to spend years if not the rest of your life living in that area. … Read More

Real Estate Resolutions for 2016

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New Year’s resolutions exist because we want a better life and we know the only way that will materialize is if we make it happen ourselves. When it comes to a better home the same holds true – you need to make a commitment to go after what you want. Different people have different ideas … Read More

Must-haves for Homebuyers with Young Families


As we progress in life our needs and wants for where we live change with us. As a younger person a busy area with a lot of culture might be more important to us where an empty nester is looking to have easy access to amenities and hobbies they enjoy. For those with young families, … Read More

How to Research Neighbourhoods

Park alley with a view of Frankfurt am Main downtown. Germany

While there are some who like staying nestled in the same area for most of their lives most people will eventually have to get out of their comfort zone. Sometimes that means moving to larger or more luxurious housing, or moving into the city, or finally buying that big plot out in the country. When … Read More