The Benefits of Staging Your Home


When selling your home, you want to instantly impress potential buyers. And while there are many things you can do, one of the most effective is to properly stage your home prior to placing it on the real estate market.

But, is home staging worth the time and effort? Here are several benefits and reasons you should always stage your home when selling.

1. It Improves the Home’s Current Condition

According to one poll, 63% of homebuyers say they will pay more money if the home is move-in ready.

When you properly stage the home, you take care of many cosmetic repairs that buyers would need to complete prior to moving in. This could include repainting brightly-coloured walls, replacing old and stained flooring, updating broken light fixtures, etc.

Plus, many of these upgrades will also increase your home’s value, helping you make more money on the sale.

2. Your Home May Sell Faster

When you stage your home, you create a place that attracts and entices. Buyers have an easier time envisioning themselves living in the space and your home stands out among the dozens of others on the real estate market.

Because of this, you will likely see more offers and these offers may come in at a faster rate. In fact, according to the Real Estate Staging Association, homes with proper staging will sell 73% faster than those who do not.

However, keep in mind that this will depend on the current market and the effort you put into your staging.

3. Buyers Believe the Home is Well Maintained

If you stage the home prior to placing it on the market, buyers do not see all the cosmetic flaws, and they may not see upgrades that could be needed. This means that when they walk through the home, they see a beautiful, well-maintained residence.

If your home is staged, potential buyers are more likely to believe that all regular maintenance has been taken care of. Because of this, they hope that there will be no major issues that will halt the sale, and they will have fewer worries once moved into the home.

Want to Stage Your Home? We Can Help!

While you may stage your home on your own, a professional home stager may be ideal to ensure you get the best deal from your home.