The Top 10 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Attracting Interest

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent gives advice on the top 10 reasons that homes aren’t attracting marketplace interest.

You’ve spent months trying to sell your property. But the offers still aren’t arriving, despite everything you’ve tried in order to sell your home. It might not be your fault that the property remains on the marketplace. We’ve got great experience in selling homes and in our years serving clientele we’ve found the following are among the top 10 reasons that homes aren’t attracting marketplace interest.


  1. Not Enough Online Photos

With so many buyers now reviewing the online marketplace, it’s imperative you place as many photos as possible on your online listing. Make sure all photos are professionally taken to make a lasting impression on buyers.


  1. Not Using Online Listings

Many homeowners simply place their listings on the MLS and hope that a buyer finds them. But motivated buyers will search directly online and then arrive at the multitude of online listings websites. This means home sellers must place their property on sites such as Zillow and Trulia.


  1. The Exterior Looks Run-Down 

The exterior of the property is your last chance at making a first impression. What does your property exterior say about your home? Improve the chances of a sale with paintwork and simple landscaping work.


  1. Lack of Home Staging

When inviting homebuyers into your property, staging is critical. Remove any personal belongings that prevent the interested buyer from visualizing their family in the home. Consider professional staging work to make that instant connection during open house events.


  1. The Price is Too High

How does your home’s value compare with others in your neighbourhood? You might have set your heights too high. Speak with your agent about possibly changing your price to fit in-line with local trends.


  1. Current Market Conditions 

While there is little you can do to change the current conditions in the local housing market, you might consider taking the home off the market for a month or two and waiting for conditions to improve. This could give you the opportunity to work with your agent on a better marketing plan.


  1. Incorrect Listings Information

It’s important to check all online listings when you’ve placed your home on the marketplace. By reviewing whether they have the correct information, you reduce the chances of the buyer being confused by incorrect information.


  1. Your Agent Isn’t Aggressive Enough in their Approach

If your otherwise great-looking property has been on the market over many months without contact from buyers, it might be time to consider how your agent is completing their work. They might not be marketing your home effectively.


  1. Old Furnishings

Updating interior paintwork and other home furnishings can make a distinct difference in the buyer’s feeling towards your home. Oftentimes, buyers are put off by properties with shag carpeting and stale wallpaper.


10.  You’re Too Emotionally Invested

A common problem in selling property is when the seller becomes emotionally invested in the deal. You might have been insulted by a low-ball offer and refused any further deals with the potential buyer. Or you might have dismissed suggestions from your home stager. It’s important to put aside your feelings for the moment consider how best to get true financial value from your property.


By analyzing the reasons behind the lack of interest in your home, you can optimize your sales strategy for greater levels of success. Speak with one of our trusted home sales specialists directly to learn more on expert home marketing strategies.