What are the Components of a Strong Home Marketing Plan?

In Tammy Samuels' recent blog post, this Guelph real estate agent examines the components of a strong home marketing plan.

A home marketing plan is a seller’s strategy to attract interest in their home from buyers scouring the marketplace. Creating a strong marketing plan requires a dynamic set of components that work together to form a cohesive selling package. For those about to commitment to a real estate agent, it’s important to know when their real estate marketing plan meets the standards required. Here, we’ll look at the components of a strong home marketing plan.


A Significant Online Element

More than 3 out of every 4 homebuyers now begin their search for a new property online. Buyers are more proactive and more web savvy in their search for property. And this means sellers and their agents must use online marketing to reach out to and captivate online buyers. As part of their online marketing plan, agents must promote properties using strategies such as search engine optimization across Bing and Google.


Promoting in Flyers and Newsletters

It’s important that agents use local area flyers and newsletters in promoting a property within a target region. Both flyers and newsletters still maintain a high level engagement for real estate buyers and can be useful to help promote a property’s strengths in comparison to other homes in the region. Agents should be able to offer professional photography to help highlight a home’s appeal to all flyer and newsletter readers.


Connection to Local Builders

Local builders often work with buyers to ensure they have the ideal home available. But when prospective buyers cannot find their ideal home through a builder, the company might then recommend other properties that suit their buying parameters. It’s important, therefore, that any marketing plan involves a connection to local building companies to ensure that the seller achieves full market coverage for their property.


Exceptional Home Staging

After bring the home to the attention of buyers, it’s important to capture the true value of the home through the home staging process. The leading real estate agents will include expert home staging as part of their home marketing plan. The home stager will work with sellers to advise them on areas to improve before any open house events take place. They will also help to outline the key features to promote as part of the home marketing and open house process.


Developing an effective marketing plan involves building a set of processes that compel buyers to action. Only the leading real estate agents in the country can offer this level of marketing performance. To learn more on the dynamic elements of a strong marketing plan, contact my office directly today!