Why You Should Focus on Curb Appeal

Photograph of lawn mower ona the green grass. Mower is located on the right side of the photograph with view on grass field.

For most sellers, improving the interior of their house is really important, knowing how every nook and cranny of their property goes through the microscopic eyes of prospective buyers. Surprisingly however, they tend to overlook one big factor that may be the deal breaker – their home’s exterior.


Ask any buyer and he or she would tell you that more often than not, they form their opinion about the house even before they set foot inside. Sometimes, a quick glance from the car or across the street is enough to get them excited… about another property.


While it is important that you replace those broken fixtures and give your kitchen a makeover if it’s needed, but the thing is, by the time you get those done, it might be too late. If you really want to boost your property’s value, you better work on your home’s curb appeal!


You want your house to get a “wow” from prospective buyers, even when they are just passing through the neighbourhood. How do you achieve that? You can start with the condition of your yard or lawn. If you have grass, bushes, or a real garden, you have to make sure the greens are in good health. Dying plants just do not give a very positive tone. You also would like to hose down the driveway and clean out leaves from the gutters to give off a lived-in yet well-taken-care-off vibe.


Aside from your landscape, you should also check your property’s physical condition. Do you think the roof looks really old? You will definitely get a great return on investment if you replace it and sell the house for a higher price. No one would want to shell out too much for a home unless it is obvious that they are getting an excellent deal. If it appears they’ll be needing a new roof in a couple of years, most likely, you won’t like what they’ll offer you for your house. It wouldn’t hurt to freshen up the paint of your walls, trims, and doors, if possible.


Your driveway could easily be overlooked too, but you have to make it appealing. Paved stone makes a house look more livable. Remove weeds from your driveway and check for any cracks.


You never really know at once what features buyers go for. But you can be sure about one thing – they all look for a house that is well-maintained and inviting, both inside and out.